Finnish Media Consumers

Finns are not all the same and it is important to understand the needs of different kinds of consumers.

We have drafted the most comprehensive study on Finnish media consumers ever on the basis of a TNS Monitor survey. This also draws a picture of their consumption habits, enabling advertisers to compare their own customer groups to the media consumption data.

Three main segments can be distinguished from Finnish media consumers: the Entertainment-oriented, the Digital Active and the Phenomenon-driven groups, which divide into a total of eight media consumption subsets.

The Entertainment-oriented

As the name implies, the Entertainment-oriented group mostly consumes entertaining content, although so-called factual entertainment and lifestyle content is also on their menu.

The programmes offered by commercial TV and radio channels satisfy their needs the best.

Experiences, topics of conversation and emotional content are accessed through electronic media.

The Networkers

This group is the most-active user of social media.

“I visit social media whenever possible.”

Media has become an integral part of their everyday life. Media is used as a potential source of inspiration and a social channel. Radio and TV can both be on while the Networkers socialise on social media or make online purchases.

The Entertained

The Entertained seek experiences to colour their everyday life. Electronic options are emphasised in media consumption.

“TV enables me to experience powerful emotions."

The TV is almost always on in their home. Media is seen as a fun way to while the day, but it is also used to seek out new, even surprising content.

The Digital Actives

Digital Actives are active or pioneering digital media users. They are always online, and more and more often do so via mobile. They are picky and quality-conscious about content – and are prepared to pay for it.

The Influencers

The Influencer is a pioneer of digital media.

“I access a considerable share of my media consumption on my smartphone.”

Like Networkers, these people are active and efficient wielders of influence online. They expect high standards of the media contents they consume, and are prepared to spend money for quality and a good selection. All new modes of media consumption, such as VOD services, online radio and podcasts, are emphasised.

The Selectives

These people know what they want and more and more often will go online to find it. They are active digital media consumers and technology-oriented, but are not quite at the vanguard of developments – “let others try it first” could well be their motto. As familied Finns, watching together is emphasised in this group. They will binge on more than one episode of a show in one session.

“I want to see several episodes of my TV shows in a row.”

The Variety-seekers

The Variety-seeker occupies the middle ground between the Entertainment-oriented and the Digital Actives. They want to live life to the fullest and not worry about tomorrow. Their media consumption is often transient: video clips and news headlines are meant for this group.

“It has become more common for me to read/watch only a small bit of the article/show.”

The Phenomenon-driven

Phenomenon-driven media consumers are more traditional and have established routines. This group is not the first to warm to new shows and channels.

Nevertheless, they are needed to shape a phenomenon into a major topic of conversation that reaches million of Finns. This is what happened with, for example, Putous, which grew from a show with an audience of 0.55m to a huge hit with 1.85m viewers over five years.


The Settled

The Settled are cautious about digital media and feel little need to alter their media consumption routines. Things are well enough as they are and each media has its own place. These people can be reached watching the news, sports and hit entertainment programmes.

“I watch TV shows when they are on (I rarely use recordings).”

Finnish programmes are emphasised both on radio and on TV.

The Enlightened

The Enlightened use social media the least. They take a cautious approach to digital media, mostly learning new practices through children. Education and utility are their media consumption motives.

“In particular, I look for factual and objective media contents.”

Radio and TV news programmes have prominence during the course of the day.

The Demanding

The Demanding are aware consumers and beat their own path. They are the least influenced by mainstream media.

“I want to consume contents that inspire me.”

They seek out themes associated with their own interests from the media. Intermittently, the Demanding will separate media entirely from their lives.

Source: MTV media consumer segmentation, TNS Monitor 2014

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