MTV and Aller Media to start a unique data collaboration

MTV Oy and Aller Media will be the first media houses in Finland to combine the visitor data from their online services in a shared data marketplace called MTV + Aller Data. 

"It's better to work together than to be all alone"

"With the combined visitor data from MTV and Aller, it'll be easier to focus and diversify online marketing. The combined data will guarantee that advertisers can select the most suitable messages for their target groups.

"In a small country, it's better to work together than to be all alone. A collaboration between two major media houses will mean a better quality of digital marketing and enhanced targeting," says Aller Media's CEO Pauli Aalto-Setälä
"By combining our forces, we can build an important datapool for the Finnish online market," explains MTV's CEO Jarkko Nordlund.

Two sets of visitor data to complement each other

In addition to journalistic contents, MTV + Aller Data includes content created by users, which makes the interest profiles more nuanced. 

"MTV's and Aller Media's visitor data complement each other perfectly. The combined data has a great commercial value. Together we can identify more browsers, and we can gather more diverse information about consumers," says Sini Kervinen, who is the head of Refinery Commercial Operations at Aller Media. 

"We're really happy that we can combine MTV's high-quality news, entertainment and lifestyle content with Aller's extensive and diverse content and content generated by users. This way we can better help advertisers and agencies with their online marketing solutions," says Saku Sahramies, who is in charge of product development at MTV. 

The strength of MTV's data is the accurate information about users' interests, age and gender.

Aller Media's data, on the other hand, is extremely extensive in scope, and it is characterised by the chat-based features of Finland's largest social media platform, Suomi24, the user-generated content and its local nature. 

MTV + Aller Data's products will be available in early 2017

MTV + Aller Data is a data product that can be purchased to be used on the programmatic digital ads market. The data can also be used for targeting ads on MTV's and Aller Media's own online services as well as independent of any channels outside the two companies' media. 

The data products will be available in early 2017.

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