MTV Katsomo's buying options

Katsomo lets you advertise both regionally and nationally. Ads can also target specific groups or contents of your choosing, or you can select the so-called floating visibility option for your video ad. Showing advertising only in association with programmes chosen by you is also possible.

The purchasing options of Katsomo are:

1. Floating advertising (ROS)
The ad will be placed in a so-called floating manner associated with Katsomo contents, i.e. the advertiser cannot know in advance where on the MTV Katsomo service their video ads will be located.

2. Targeted buying
Targeted buying enables you to focus your advertising demographically on just the right group of people. The technical realisation of targeted buying, the way in which the different target groups are “found” from amongst all and visitors, is based on real-time analysis of the users' prior browsing history and mirroring this on user demographics identified via sample surveys. Targeted buying has been verified to achieve higher than 80% reliability in forecasting the user's gender and age group.

The targeting options are:

  • Men
  • Women
  • Under-25s
  • 25-44-year-old men
  • 25-44-year-old women
  • people aged 45+

3. Content targeting
Video advertising can also be targeted on the following content totalities:

  • news
  • sports
  • entertainment
  • lifestyle

4. Programme-specific buying
In programme-specific buying, the advertiser selects in advance those programmes, which best suit its brand. Ads will only be shown in association with the selected programmes.

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