MTV's new video distribution network

MTV is establishing a video distribution network to supply participating websites with short video content like topical news and sports clips produced by MTV and Mediahub.

“The consumption of video, short clips especially, is growing all the time. Our network will provide partner web pages with diverse and high-quality video content, while MTV benefits from broader reach for its content,” says Product Manager Tapio Haaja, who is in charge of the venture at MTV. He continues:

“This is the first phase in a cooperation, which we hope will promote the role video content plays in all of our domestic media. We will also establish a video ad network alongside the distribution of video that will enable marketers to have so-called single-point access to as broad an audience as possible, benefiting from a connection with high-quality premium content and safe domestic media environments. We will provide more information about both of our video network products at a later date.”

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