MTV3 makes new target group available for purchase

A new purchasable target group, people aged from 25 to 64, will be introduced on MTV3 in 2016. The new target group covers 92% of Finland's total workforce.

This target group accounts for 80% of overall consumption

A broader target group is a sensible solution for the advertiser because the distribution of purchasing power increasingly favours the older age cohorts in challenging economic times.

Not only does this target group have money to spend, they are, in fact, actually spending more as well. The target group of people aged between 25 and 64 accounts for almost 80% of aggregate consumption.

There are some differences across different sectors. The bigger the purchase in question, renovating your home or buying a car, say, the more consumption is allocated to the older age cohorts.

When is it a good idea to keep target groups broad?

The earlier belief that younger age cohorts are more receptive to advertising than older ones has been proven false. Age does not correlate with attitude to advertising, fondness of advertising or the ability of advertising to arouse interest.

It is thus not wise for advertisers to limit the effects of their advertising to a target group, which is too narrow. If your objective is growth and arousing the interest of new customers, you should keep the target group of your advertising as broad as possible.

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