Online and Video Advertising

Online and Video Advertising

When it comes to online advertising, MTV has a broad range of advertising opportunities. Display advertising and in-stream advertising can be targeted also regionally according to MTV3's 17 viewing areas. As for mobile advertising, MTV has a variety of mobile services with excellent advertising and targeting opportunities. reaches 1.9 million different visitors weekly. Its targeted to all Finns, with its main target group being 10-54-year-olds. The cornerstones of's content are News, Sports, Entertainment and Lifestyle. Versatile targeting options and regional targeting are available on's display advertising solutions.

MTV Katsomo

MTV Katsomo

MTV Katsomo is an on-demand video streaming service that distributes content and also simulcast of MTV's TV channels. Its highlights are season's top programs and sports.

MTV Katsomo is a profiling media environment that reaches its users around the clock and wherever they are. In-stream advertising campaigns are distributed both to desktop, mobile and tablet devices. Regional targeting is also possible on MTV Katsomo. Campaigns can be targeted based on different demographic target groups, by content type, by specific programs or RBS.

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