Online marketing trends in 2017

MTV's product development team and specialists in native advertising got together to make a list of trends in online marketing and development that will be on the rise in 2017.

Video advertising

Tapio Haaja, Development Manager, online video

"The role of short videos as the main source of news will become more important especially among young adults. Producers who invest in quality will be the winners as the number of videos grows exponentially. As video advertising diversifies, it'll be more important for advertisers to understand on which platform and with which content their video ads are shown."

Pia Hildén, Development Manager, online video

"As the number of video ad solutions increases, there will be a need to have the ability to compare the quality and effectiveness of video ad displays better than before. However, both banner-type video ad solutions and online TV advertising will continue to have a clear and increasingly important role in 2017."


Service development and data

Aleksi Leinonen, Commercial Development Manager 

"The customer will, at long last, be the focus of development efforts, and understanding of customers will guide the development of services and products. Even the larger media houses will now move to customised, use-based online content. The use of chatbots will become more widespread across services in 2017."

Simo Könönen, Senior System Analyst

"The big success story in 2017 will be combining the recognised customerships with anonymous online usage history - and the agile application of the resulting abundance of profiles in marketing and service development. In addition to technical challenges, this will also be an issue in terms of consumer privacy and the new EU personal data protection legislation."


Purchase methods and metrics

Maarit Ruuth, Development Manager, display

"Materials will become more device-independent in 2017. Publishers, MTV included, will be able to offer advertisers a greater variety of responsive solutions, which means that an ad will be shown to target consumers regardless of the device they are using."


Susanne Ropponen, Product Manager, native advertising

"Native advertising will have specific metrics instead of display campaign metrics. They are likely to have quantitative and qualitative metrics suitable for native ads. This could be the number of actual readers instead of clicks and/or the time spent on a particular content."

Saku Sahramies, Product Development Director

"Data and the growth of programmatic marketing will also continue to be the focus in 2017. I would predict that data used to direct guarantee campaigns in a more diverse way will be a rising trend. With the increase of data skills in media, we'll see more customer-tailored segments or segments especially targeted for a particular sector."


Anu Höglund, Development Manager, programmatic buying

"High-quality display will play a bigger part in programmatic buying this year. Viewability, for example, was already discussed in 2016, but I think that it'll be an even hotter topic in 2017."

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