Five Key Media Trends

MTV has compiled a comprehensive study of Finnish media consumers on the basis of a TNS Monitor survey. Check out the five main trends in Finnish media use that the study highlighted.

1. More and more media consumed on mobile devices

  • Browsing news headlines and using web TV and social media have grown the most in the mobile segment.
  • 21% of Finns already consume a significant portion of media content on their smartphones.
  • People who consume a lot of mobile media like to read content associated with the family and wellbeing. They are also interested in new products
  • Young men are at the forefront of digital media consumption.


2. (Forced) to live on social media

  • 27% of Finns visit social media services whenever possible
  • 27% are also more anxious than before about “having to be” active on social media.
  • Although some are stressed about the pressures associated with social media use, an increasingly large share of Finns (35%) actively recommends and curates the most interesting contents to others. 

3. Ability to manage the flood of information increasingly important

  • Growing opportunities for mobile network use (“always available”) are also creating media stress.
  • Consequently, the ability to manage the flood of information is becoming more and more important.
  • The chopping up of media consumption and the simultaneous use of more than one media screen, the so-called second screen phenomenon, is increasing, especially among the younger demographics.
  • On the other hand, “slow” media consumption, i.e. the need to calm down with media is increasing slightly across all demographics. An example of this is the binge-watching of shows, the conscious decision to concentrate and watch more than one episode in one session.

4. Need for entertainment a growing trend

  • The most common motive for media consumption remains the need for information: users want to educate themselves and learn new things.
  • Information congestion has, however, hit the Finns and entertainment as a motive for media consumption continues to grow – especially among the active-age (25-44-yo) segment. Laughter has risen to fourth place as a motive for media use.
  • Generally, the pursuit of comfort and pleasure is rising.

5. Quality-awareness growing with regard to media contents

  • The enormous supply of content and growing opportunities to access it have led to an increase in quality-awareness.
  • 71% of Finns are clearly more quality-conscious about media contents than before.
  • 22% of Finns are prepared to spend money to gain access to the most interesting contents.
  • The significance of strong channel brands and the establishing of an emotional attachment is growing.

Source: TNS Monitor 2014

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