Katsomo application available on Smart TVs

MTV MEDIA’s online TV service Katsomo has expanded to Smart TVs. Samsung Smart TV users are now able to watch both free and pay Katsomo programmes on their Samsung televisions. The service is part of MTV MEDIA’s initiative to launch a new and improved MTV towards the end of 2013.

MTV MEDIA tuo Katsomo-sovelluksen Samsung Smart TV -laitteisiin

The new Katsomo application for Samsung Smart TVs makes the wide range of online television programming more readily available to viewers than ever before. The application gives viewers access to all live sports coverage broadcast by MTV MEDIA as well as a catch-up service for episodes of some of the most popular entertainment shows. Both free and pay TV programming are available.

The launch is part of MTV MEDIA’s transformation that is due to take place towards the end of 2013: MTV Media’s aim is to offer high-quality TV programming to viewers more conveniently and via more vehicles than ever before.

“People still want to watch TV on a big screen. The fact that we are now able to offer viewers an opportunity to watch Katsomo programmes on a Samsung Smart TV is a big step forward. The application makes following the success of sporting heroes such as Kimi Räikkönen, Manchester United or Roger Federer even easier than before”, explains MTV MEDIA’s Vice President for Internet and Consumer Businesses Henrik Laine.

A combination of the most popular categories of Smart TV programming

The majority of MTV3, Sub and AVA programmes are available to watch on a Samsung Smart TV in the form of catch-up TV. The service covers all Finnish drama series and entertainment shows (such as Salatut elämät, Idols and Tanssii tähtien kanssa) as well as several foreign TV series (The Bold and the Beautiful and Emmerdale).

As for sports, Katsomo offers a wide range of live world-class sporting events as part of its premium MTV3 Sport package. The coverage includes Formula 1, English Premier League, UEFA Champions League and World Cup skiing events.

“Samsung is continuously striving to make more and more content available for Smart TV users, and MTV MEDIA’s Katsomo service complements this selection perfectly. With the Katsomo application, our viewers can now access programmes such as Formula 1 directly through their Smart Hub service menu”, explains Samsung’s Sales Manager for TV, AVM and Camera Markus Nummisalo.

The technology for the new application is provided by Accedo, the world’s leading enabler of Smart TV applications.

“We are extremely pleased with our partnership with MTV MEDIA and Samsung. The Katsomo service combines two of the most popular categories of Smart TV content – sports and catch-up TV”, says Accedo’s CEO Michael Lantz.

System requirements for the Katsomo application

The new application requires an internet connection with a speed of at least two megabytes, but for uninterrupted use, at least four megabytes is recommended. Ultimate picture quality depends on the user’s internet connection.

Users need to sign in to the Katsomo application with their personal Katsomo user name and password. User names and passwords can be created in a web browser or within the application itself. Access to pay TV content can only be purchased in a web browser, after which the selected programmes can be viewed both in the browser and via the Katsomo application on a Smart TV. The Katsomo application runs on Samsung Smart TV models released in 2012 and 2013.

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