MTV continues its reformation

MTV is reforming its corporate structures. A primary focus is the formation of strategic partnerships. Communication technology corporation Ericsson will establish an international media center within MTV’s spaces in Pasila. In addition, partnership will be bolstered in marketing and customer service.

MTV’s new strategic partner Ericsson will be establishing an international media center within MTV’s spaces in Pasila. MTV’s television broadcast operations and material management, as well as its television technology development and support employees will be transferring to Ericsson as old employees.

The media center, which commences operations at the beginning of September, will belong to Ericsson’s Broadcast and Media Services department, and Joachim Bergman, Head of Playout and Media Management, will oversee its operations.

“Having entered a strategic partnership with MTV, Ericsson will establish a media center focused on broadcasting operations in Helsinki. Its purpose is to provide broadcasting and media management services for businesses within the industry, both in Finland and abroad", says Joachim Bergman.

“MTV is entering this partnership with a leading international player with great expectations. Our objective is to develop new services together, and to ensure the continuation of our current ones. Our expectations are based on Ercisson’s excellent previous experience in Sweden, as Sweden’s TV4, which belongs to the Bonnier group, has been working together with Ericsson in a similar manner,” states MTV CEO Heikki Rotko.

The media center will commence operations at the beginning of September 2014, and the duration of the contract between MTV and Ericsson is five years.

Cooperation in marketing and customer service

Strategic cooperation with partners will also be heightened within MTV’s marketing and customer service operations.

MTV and its digital marketing partner, Valve, will be establishing a joint venture named Valve Media. Valve Media will carry full responsibility in the production of marketing promotions, as well as developing channel and news graphics.

MTV will retain responsibility for its brands and marketing them.

A new, more flexible corporate structure

MTV will be remolding its corporate structure into a more modern and cost-effective one. MTV Oy will be split into two separate companies, MTV Sisällöt Oy and MTV Oy. The roles of these companies are clear; the production and acquisition of first-rate content, as well as the management of its rights is the responsibility of MTV Sisällöt. MTV Oy’s task will be the commercialization and distribution of content.

Remodeling its structure will augment MTV’s competitiveness and efficiency, according to Heikki Rotko, who will serve as CEO for both companies.

“With the new structure, we are turning MTV into a company capable of reacting quickly to rapid changes in the industry. The new structure allows for modern and flexible working conditions, as well as the growth and development of the company.

I believe that by renovating our old structures and strengthening cooperation with our partners, we are turning MTV into a trailblazer in the field of media,” Heikki Rotko concludes.

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