MTV is the Social Media Company of the Year

On Tuesday 11 November, MTV was named the Social Media Company of 2014 at the Some Awards 2014 gala event

MTV was recognised as the social media company of the year. The jury's reasoning for MTV's win in the corporate social media category was:

“The social media company of the year 2014 acts in an exemplary fashion by creating active debate and interesting content in social media. The company's actions have diversified the way in which Finns use social media. Its programme formats and B2B activities are seen and heard across the net.”

Social media offers opportunities for advertisers

“Lots of our advertising clients seek out new contacts and marketing means through their own channels, but growing numbers are turning to social media as well. Our clients also measure activity on their own channels to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising,” Product Group Manager Jouni Weckman of MTV Next says to describe the role social media plays in marketing.

“It's great that MTV has itself managed to successfully utilise social media in its own marketing as well as to enrich content. We can demonstrate to our advertising clients that we really know our audience and how to interact directly with people,” Weckman continues.

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Why should you participate in the social media buzz that surrounds television?

Does it make sense for advertisers to get involved in TV's social media buzz? MTV's Social Media and 2nd Screen Executive Producer Mari Rasimus lists three reasons:

1) Viewers who participate in debate have a more positive opinion of the cooperation partner

2) Our phenomena spur an enormous amount of discussion

3) Social media platforms favour the media 

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