MTV Katsomo hits one million mobile video downloads

MTV’s online TV platform MTV Katsomo reached an important milestone when it hit one million video downloads on mobile devices for the first time. Smart phones and tablets already account for one third of all video downloads on MTV Katsomo, and the figure is expected to grow. The trend is boosted by new mobile applications for MTV Katsomo that have been brought out this spring.

MTV has just announced the launch of iPhone and Android versions of MTV Katsomo. The iPad and Windows Phone 8 versions that were introduced earlier in the spring have already been installed by more than 100,000 users. Until now, mobile users of MTV Katsomo have been redirected to a mobile version of the website. The new Android app can be installed on both phones and tablet devices.

The new apps make MTV Katsomo even more user-friendly than before. They allow users to watch eight TV channels, three of which are free of charge (MTV3, Sub and AVA) and five of which are sports channels available to viewers who subscribe to the MTV Total package. The apps also enable MTV to provide more varied content thanks to more advanced copyright protection. The number of American TV series in particular is higher than on the mobile site.

Teemu Lehtonen, Head of Web TV at MTV, sees huge potential in the mobile market.

“MTV’s programming has taken yet another step closer to providing what viewers want. MTV Katsomo has already solidified its position as a programme library where users can watch their favourite shows when they want to. Now that our TV broadcasts can also be streamed on mobile devices, our users will be able to watch live TV wherever they are.”

“I believe that more people will watch TV on mobile devices than on traditional computers as soon as next year, maybe even before”, Lehtonen says.

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