MTV MEDIA strengthens the power of experiences

MTV MEDIA has revealed the main guidelines for a package of improvements to be introduced at the end of this year. The company plans to focus on its strength as a provider of experiences and to offer Finnish viewers new ways of enjoying TV, radio, internet and live events. These activities will be centralised under the network brand MTV.

MTV MEDIA is introducing major changes to its operations and encapsulates its long-term strategy work with one word: experience. Creating and offering experiences have emerged as the foundation for all of MTV’s activities.

“We want to make fundamental changes to the company’s operations and not just scratch the surface. Our entire operations are based on an understanding of and close relationship with Finns. Accordingly, we have carried out long-term research and analysis to determine what makes us a vital partner in the everyday lives of Finns. The tight relationship between MTV and its audiences is built on shared experiences. MTV has been the home of experiences for the past 56 years already,” explained CEO Heikki Rotko speaking at the Club Prime event.

The changes will create new levels of experience in all the company’s activities. In practice this will mean new visual identity, a new MTV network brand and brand hierarchy, new distribution platforms for programmes and more live broadcasts.

The project will culminate at the end of 2013, when the new visual identities will be launched on TV, radio and the internet. It will also be possible to watch online streaming of MTV3, Sub and AVA channels via the web tv service Katsomo. The popular portal itself will be relaunched as under the MTV network brand.

Building the new MTV together

MTV has been working with several major partners to introduce the changes. The foundation for future activities, i.e. the new strategy, has been formed together with the company’s motivated employees. Viewers, readers and listeners have also played an important role, as their views have been solicited by means of door-to-door surveys and on social media.

The London-based brand agency DixonBaxi has helped MTV clarify its strategy. DixonBaxi has also played an important role bringing the brands to life across all platforms as well as helping to build a new brand hierarchy. Finnish agency BrandWorxx has also helped with the new brand hierarchy, brand differentiation and analysis tools, while the advertising agency Family Inc has helped update BtoB advertising and communications.

New corporate logo links the past and future

The new MTV corporate logo that will replace the MTV MEDIA logo is based on the company’s 56-year history. The logo incorporates the round shape of the familiar owl’s eye and the corporate red of MTV Oy. By combining a modern look with traditional references, the new logo successfully links the past and future.

The new logo is handcrafted, and the modern design draws the viewer’s eye to the centre of the circle. The round shape represents the eye with which we inspect the world around us. At the same time the new logo is an invitation to audiences – an invitation to come and enjoy the new experiences offered by MTV.

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