MTV MEDIA Will Launch the New MTV at the End of 2013

The leading Finnish commercial broadcaster MTV MEDIA has started a reform that will update the company’s brand hierarchy, procedures and visual identity. The new MTV will be introduced to the Finnish audience towards the end of 2013.

In May, MTV MEDIA launched a major reform project which is intended to bring the company closer to its audience. The project was inspired by the changes faced by modern media and the changing habits of media users. The company strives to increase its understanding of public media use so as to better meet their needs.

“We have long studied the changes that are taking place in media consumption. We have worked together with our viewers, listeners and visitors. It is clear that the nature of media consumption has changed, and we must be ready to respond to this change,” explains MTV MEDIA CEO Heikki Rotko.

The new face of MTV

The reform will change the operating models of the company and give the online service a more prominent role. Evidence of this can be seen in the renewed and websites and in the launch of the VOD service Filmnet.

MTV MEDIA will also focus on providing online streaming. Already five sports channels included in the MTV3 Total package can be streamed online via the web tv service Katsomo. Later on this year free-to-air channels MTV3, Sub and AVA will be streamed online as well.

The reform will culminate at the end of 2013 when a new umbrella brand MTV will be launched. This will bring the new brand hierarchy together. The reform will also update the visuals of each TV channel and brand.

“This is really a major reform, and we have been working on it for a long time. The biggest engine for the change has definitely been our staff, who have really invested all their skills and creativity in this. The entire media sector now needs bold moves, and this is our response to the ongoing debate about the changes in media,” says Heikki Rotko.

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