MTV relaunched succesfully

Uusi MTV esittäytyy sunnuntaina 3.11. alkaen

MTV MEDIA became MTV and launched its new look on Sunday 3 November. On Monday 4 November the portal changed its appearance and MTV3, Sub and AVA started streaming their content live on MTV Katsomo. Feedback from audiences suggests that the changes were successful.

The weekend of change at MTV started at 6 am on Sunday morning when the pay-TV channels changed their appearance, and the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was broadcast with the new look. Next in line was the launch of MTV3's new look, which took place at 7 pm, i.e. with the seven o'clock news. Even the visual image of the news underwent a change with a new ident and graphics.

Sub and AVA revamped their look at 9 pm. The evening ended with the new MTV3 sports feature, MTV Sport Uutiset, at 10.30 pm. The changes were worked on at night between Sunday and Monday so that Monday morning could see the launch of the new portal. MTV3, Sub and AVA were also available for streaming on MTV Katsomo in the morning, earlier than expected.

All in all, 12 TV channels and a portal with dozens of portlets and with more than 2 million weekly visitors were revamped in just over 24 hours.

Viewers at home were eagerly watching the change taking place on MTV channels. At prime time on Sunday 3 November MTV channels' viewership was 43% on average while on a normal Sunday it is 33%. Tanssii tähtien kanssa attracted the most viewers with an audience of 1,074,000 on average. The renewed Seitsemän Uutiset, News at Seven, had 566,000 viewers; the average for a Sunday is 364,000. *

The change created a social media buzz

The launch of the MTV revamp project drew a lot of attention, and opinions were expressed in social media in particular. There were 801 tweets with the hashtag #uusimtv on Sunday and the topic was one of the most popular for six hours that evening. Thousands of comments were also posted on Facebook. The feedback was generally positive; the new visual image was, in particular, found fresh and modern.

CEO Heikko Rotko has been happy with the quantity and tone of the feedback:

"I'm particularly pleased with the fact that the revamp has managed to stir so much discussion. There has been a lot of praise, yet some complaints too, and we will check them all carefully. We will try to make our connection with Finnish audiences even closer than it has been, and the amount of feedback we have received shows that we're heading in the right direction. There are many happy faces here in the MTV head office: everything went so well thanks to our team of incredibly skilled people!"

*Source: Finnpanel, TV Audience Measurement

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