MTV to launch C More streaming service

MTV will launch the C More streaming service in February. It is a Finnish, fixed monthly fee service. MTV Katsomo will be the home of MTV's free of charge (AVOD) quality entertainment.

The programming on the new C More streaming service will focus on Finnish and Nordic family content and the most popular international premium series, films and sports.

The new service means that all MTV online paid content, from Grand Prix to films, as well as the MTV Total pay-tv-channels, will become part of the C More product family. MTV Katsomo will be the home of MTV's quality AVOD-entertainment.

Watching paid content is a growing trend in the Nordic countries

MTV's investment in new consumer technologies and streamed content follows the Nordic trend of changing market dynamics. According to the trend, the video-based advertising market will grow more slowly than consumer-paid business.

In other Nordic countries, a third of all viewing is already consumer-paid online content, and the growth expectations for Finnish streaming services are also high. Households in the Nordic countries tend to subscribe to more than one content service at the same time, and MTV believes that this trend will also strengthen in Finland.

"When Finns understand the benefits of streaming services, they will also start to use them more extensively. Although there already are international service providers on our market, we still don't have an expert in Finnish audiences. The new C More is the first fully fledged Finnish operator in the streaming sector, and we'll invest heavily in content that attracts Finnish viewers," says MTV's CEO Jarkko Nordlund.  

Focus on customer service

By updating its business strategy and investing in subscription services, MTV, the leading commercial TV company in Finland, adapts to the new circumstances with its viewers. Developing practical customer service operations means that customers are better catered for. MTV will expand the operations of its customer service unit this spring, and the C More customer service team will move to the company's premises in Pasila, Helsinki. This way the company can guarantee that the best customer service expertise is available for everyday operations.

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