's New Structure and Look Bring News Into the Spotlight website was relaunched in May with a new structure and look. The updated website features more news and is clearer and more visual.

The new website offers the most up-to-date, clearest and the most visual content on the internet, whether it is news, sports, entertainment or lifestyle. These four content categories are the key components of navigation and all other themes are linked around them. The new site map ensures the website is clear and user-friendly.

The updated website makes the most of MTV3’s strengths: high-quality newscast and videos. MTV3 News can now be found more easily than before, right on the homepage. You can easily check the most interesting news and main topics and watch live stream.

"Fast newscast is becoming more and more important and we want to bring users directly to the news events on our website. You can now see what is happening and what people are talking about immediately on our front page", says Anu Kuistiala, Executive Editor of Online and Radio News at MTV3.

Smart TV Guide

In addition to ensuring that the website has a clearer structure and it features more news, the reform has also focused on functionality. For example, the new TV guide only takes one click to let you to read further information about a program, watch it on Katsomo or visit its website.

The search facility has also been improved considerably. When users start to type in the first letters of a program title, they are offered links to its website or the Katsomo pages. The search can also be made using key words about any topic in an article in the archive.

A Turning Point in the Internet Usage

Relaunching the website has been a long process, and various user surveys were conducted to gain background information. The surveys clearly indicated that users wanted to see a more user-friendly website and more attention paid to mobile applications. This is why the MTV3 mobile services have been relaunched, too. In addition to a new homepage, more lifestyle content will be on offer.

"Fast communication is becoming more important and essential information must be available on all possible devices. There is however so much information on offer that it is hard to control. For this reason, the update concentrated on clarifying the website structure. I think we have managed to achieve a great mixture of real-time features, visual content and user-friendliness. I’m also very proud to say that the entire relaunch process was designed and executed by MTV MEDIA's own specialists", says Henrik Laine, Head of Web Services.

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