New channels and target groups added to MTV's radio selection

The merger of the media sales of Radio Nova, NRJ and Nostalgia has created a new actor called MTV Radios. MTV can now provide an even more comprehensive radio network and more extensive target groups.

The media sales of Radio Nova and NRJ Finland were merged as of the beginning of November. This merger gave birth to a new unsurpassable actor, MTV Radios. The target groups of the three radio stations will help advertisers reach almost 40% of over-9-year-old Finns.

The average Finn spends more than 64 minutes with MTV's channels each day. The radio stations now added to the portfolio will increase MTV's share of consumer media consumption to 76 minutes per day. Morning and daytime media consumption will experience particular growth.

“The media sales merger makes it possible for us to offer more versatile advertising solutions to our customers through a single organisation. We will provide our clients with access to more extensive target groups, enabling them to market their own products and services in a more targeted manner,” says Tomi Halonen, who heads the Commercial Functions unit.

From the perspective of media buying, MTV Radios' listeners form a powerful group. Advertisers can reach a comprehensive section of the most-purchased age groups in radio advertising, i.e. people aged between 25 and 54.

Furthermore, Nostalgia and NRJ strengthen MTV's standing in the 15−34-year-old and the over-55 age groups.

“More varied target groups and channel profiles offer new kinds of unique profiling solutions in content marketing as well,” Halonen adds.

Your familiar contact from MTV's media sales, Radio Nova and NRJ will continue to serve you as usual.

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