The UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League on C More in 2018-2021

MTV has signed a three-year contract for the broadcasting rights of the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League in Finland. The contract will start in autumn 2018 and last until spring 2021 and cover the full rights for the two leagues: in the UEFA Champions League, from the last qualifying round until the final, and in the UEFA Europa League, from the first qualifying round until the final. 

In addition to the C More channels and the streaming service, selected matches from the Champions League will be broadcast on the free MTV channels. The UEFA Super Cup will be shown before the season kicks off. This is the match between the reigning champions of the Champions League and the Europa League.

“The Champions League is the real crown jewel of club football, while the Europa League offers many top football moments. We’re excited about having the opportunity to offer our viewers the best club football in the world, and not just matches from one league but two,” says MTV’s CEO Jarkko Nordlund.

The matches from the two UEFA leagues will be broadcast on the same service from autumn 2018 so that the weeks when they take place will be true celebrations of football. C More will broadcast all Champions League and Europa League matches live. More than 340 top football matches will be shown during a season.

MTV’s Head of Sports, Markus Autero, explains that preparations for autumn 2018 have already begun on C More.

“It’s great to be part of this fantastic show again. We intend to offer viewers in Finland not only the amazing matches but also a high-quality and extensive package to accompany them,” Autero promises.

The only Finnish club to have made it to the qualifying stages with the best teams in Europe is HJK: in the Champions League in 1998 and the Europa League in 2014.

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