Evenings are all Finnish on MTV in autumn 2016

This autumn, MTV will be offering more Finnish programmes than ever before on its TV channels and MTV Katsomo. Check out the autumn programming and contact us for collaboration opportunities!

MTV3 – only Finnish programmes during prime time

MTV3 is the most popular TV channel in Finland, and as it reaches the widest audiences, it also offers a great variety of local advertising opportunities. MTV3's programming on weekday evenings is extremely strong so you can be sure your campaign reaches wide audiences. At weekend, the biggest entertainment events attract Finns to their televisions.

Weekend live entertainment brings Finns together

The music show Tähdet, tähdet is coming into its eagerly awaited third season. The previous season reached 3.2 million viewers, with an average of almost 900,000 per episode.

Finnish stars Mikko Alatalo, Eini, Arttu Wiskari, Evelina, Benjamin Peltonen, Johanna Försti, Antti Ketonen, Essi Luttinen and Pete Parkkonen will meet the biggest challenge of their lives: who will the viewers think is the best performer in Finland? The show will be hosted by Mikko Leppilampi and the star performances will be judged by the music editor, media wizard Maria Veitola and the manager of the legendary Tavastia Club Juhani Merimaa.

The uncontrollable live show Posse will also return this autumn. Expect to see chillingly spectacular stunts, candid camera clips, unexpected encounters with the Finnish public and lots more. The new members of the Posse team will be Viivi Pumpanen and Pirkka-Pekka Petelius!

MTV News reaches 1.2 million Finns every day

MTV News is there for you every day of the year. Around 1.2 million Finns watch MTV3's news and weather programmes every day, and its weekly reach is 2.8 million viewers. The MTV3 news and weather programmes reach 57% of the prime-time viewers of its target group of Finns aged between 10 and 54.

With 1.6 million unique visitors every week, mtv.fi is competing for the fourth place among the busiest media websites in Finland. The number of weekly visits to the news section on mtv.fi has increased by 14% since the beginning of the year.

Source: Finnpanel TV Audience Measurement, Finns aged 10 and over, TNS Metrix comScore

Return of the Finnish drama

As the Golden Venla awarded police drama Roba starts its third season, we will be seeing how the officers are kept busy due to cross-border crime and increased pressure to achieve results when faced with budget cuts.

The realistic drama series Ex-onnelliset is full of humour and follows the lives of five single-parent families. The families live in the same building, which was built specifically for single-parent families with children. They all share a willingness to make the most of their current situation, for both themselves and their children. The actors include Miia Nuutila, Mikko Nousiainen, Jarkko Pajunen, Essi Hellén, Jonna Järnefelt and Pertti Sveholm, and the series is directed by Johanna Vuoksenmaa.

The long-running Finnish drama series Salatut elämät continues to entertain large audiences. The series, which has been running for 17 years, reaches a third of Finnish TV audiences every week. It is also the most watched TV series online.


MTV's new shows

Pelimies, written by Joonas Nordlund, who also plays the main role, is a satirical show that draws its themes from current affairs.

Ota rahat ja juokse is a new fast-paced series that combines elements from crime drama as well as the gaming world and geocaching. A pair of competitors has one hour to hide a briefcase with 10,000 euros. The detectives then try to locate the briefcase. If they can't find it within two days, the competitors keep the money. Eero Ettala, ex-professional snowboarder, will host the show in his TV debut. 

The series featuring the worst drivers in Finland will now be followed by a series about the country's worst DIY-ers, Suomen surkein nikkari. The DIY enthusiasts must work in pairs and teams to complete various tasks requiring manual skills. At the end of the series we will know who is Finland's most useless DIY-er.

Keittiöelämää is a story about Finland today. The kitchen is the heart of the home, where people love, laugh and argue; they also gather to share a meal there. The new documentary series introduces viewers to eight Finnish families. 

Aarteiden metsästäjät Suomi takes viewers to auctions where objects stored in abandoned warehouses are sold. The contestants are experienced auction-goers but even they can be surprised by the contents of the warehouses.


The new show Sinulle on postia follows people who get in touch with their loved ones by a letter. The programme shows us the power of a hand-written and personal message in the age of digital media.

Huippukokki landella is a feel-good lifestyle programme featuring top chef Tomi Björck, who gets invited to a different celebrity's summer cottage in each episode. Tomi brings the ingredients for a dinner, and the host tells stories about the cottage from over the years. 

Pitääkö olla huolissaan? is a new talk show that discusses life, death and everything in between. Kari HotakainenMiika Nousiainen and Tuomas Kyrö together with the hostess Jenni Pääskysaari discuss topics suggested by viewers.

New series of Finns' favourites

The ninth season of Maajussille morsian features people who live in the country who are looking for love. The series is presented by Miia Nuutila

Aku Hirviniemi will be on the road again! Aku ja 7 ihmettä will take viewers to some unique big cities: Tokyo, Hong Kong, Mexico City, Bangkok and Las Vegas as well as Havana and Reykjavik. 

Enbuske, Veitola & Salminen will also return this autumn. The hour-long talk show features interviews with interesting and controversial people of the moment and music performances. 


Sub – entertainment and something to talk about 

Most Sub viewers are in the age group 10-44, and its excellent media environment invites people to participate in discussions on social media.

New Finnish programming

Anita Rincon is a young Finnish woman working in the beauty industry. She has been determined to build a career in New York, and managed to have a big hit with her Luz Lashes luxury lashes. Amerikan Anita allows audiences to see Anita's career taking off and the launch of her lip gloss, lashes and book. Anita is also the first person from the Nordic countries to showcase her swimwear collection at the Miami Fashion Week.

The new series Exiä rannalla follows the format of Ex On The Beach, taking eight single men and women on a beach holiday. Their aim is to meet other singletons and find love. The group will face the surprise of their life when their old girlfriends and boyfriends arrive on the scene! It's either about a reconciliation with their former lover or pure revenge. After the holiday, we will find out whether the couples get back together or whether new couples have formed during the holiday. 

Vikings, films and weekday comedies

The hugely popular Viikingit (Vikings) series is on its fourth season, and there will also be a Finnish presence in this new series. Peter Franzén (pictured) plays King Harald Finehair and Jasper Pääkkönen will step into the shoes of the king's brother, Halfdan the Black.  

Sub broadcasts blockbusters during prime time from Friday to Monday. On weeknights, viewers are kept entertained by Simpsonit (the Simpsons) and Miehen puolikkaat (Two and a Half Men)

AVA - big stories about life

AVA focuses on everyday life, and the refreshingly different channel is mainly targeted at women. 

AVA's most popular series ever, the Venla awarded Ensitreffit alttarilla returns with new episodes. The third series' team of experts will be announced later.

AVA's super popular reality series Erilaiset perheet is coming back! The second season will follow Finnish families whose everyday life is either unconventional or going through a turning point. The series is hosted by Pipsa Hurmerinta.

The series Rakas, sinusta on tullut pullukka will also begin its third season on AVA this autumn. The series will be presented by the internationally-recognised fitness professional and personal trainer Jenni Levävaara.

Fresh content and new functionalities on MTV Katsomo

MTV's web-TV service MTV Katsomo has been revamped over summer. The new functionalities and the new user interface enhance the user experience. New content includes C More's films.

Viewers will find all new and popular MTV programmes on Katsomo, regardless of time and place: the best entertainment on MTV as well as MTV News and MTV Sport.

Finns' favourite sports

The 48 best ice hockey team in Europe fight each other in the Champions Hockey League. Oulun Kärpät made it to the final in spring 2016 - could it be a Finnish team this time that will celebrate? The group qualifying games started on 18 August, and the European Champion will be crowned in the final on 2 February 2017.

The record-breakingly long F1 season will continue until the end of November. All practice sessions, qualifying sessions and races are aired live on MTV MAX. A team of familiar faces present the races: Oskari Saari, Mika Salo, Toni Vilander, Emma Kimiläinen and Tommi Pärmäkoski.

MTV for advertisers

MTV's television channels reach an average of 2.7 million Finns every day; half a million more than its biggest competitor's channels*. Thanks to this figure, you can be sure that you reach Finns quickly and efficiently on MTV's channels.

MTV offers the most impressive solutions for moving images on TV, digital channels as well as social media – all the platforms that Finns love to use.

MTV's solutions combine the power of moving images with the focus and measurability of the digital world.

*Source: Finnpanel TV Audience Measurement, April 2015 - March 2016; all Finns aged 4 and over. 

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