MTV MEDIA Fall 2013

General information about MTV MEDIA's fall 2013

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MTV3 is planned for 25-54-year-olds and families (viewing shares women 60%, men 40%). MTV3 is about shared experiences. Its typical programing includes entertainment and drama, news and other domestic programing.

Domestic Novelties and Big TV Phenomena

On MTV3, the fall season is stronger than ever. It includes a variety of domestic novelties such as Hell`s Kitchen Finland, Totuuden torvet (domestic comedy), Nymfit (The Nymphs, drama) ja Koko Suomi leipoo (The Great British Bake Off, Finnish version of the popular lifestyle program for families).

Well-known viewer magnets Tanssii tähtien kanssa (Strictly Come Dancing), Idols ja Salatut elämät (drama) are sure to gather big audiences once again. Also MTV3 channel's off-prime has been fortified with versatile programs that bring viewers to all dayparts.

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Sub is involving, surprising and connecting. It is planned for 15-44-year-olds and social media heavy users (viewing shares: women 50%, men 50%). Movies, Hollywood series and profiling domestic programing are typical programing for Sub.

Entertainment, Laughs & Quality Movies

Celebrity Big Brother marks the start for Sub's TV season in September. After Big Brother, Sub presents an all-time movie selection: High-quality movies 4 times a week with special investments in Monday and Sunday movies. The titles include The Hangover, Black Swan, Wall Street, Sherlock Holmes, Vares films (Finnish crime / action), to name but a few.

Arrow and Suburgatory are examples of new, popular series from abroad. Sub is also well-known for its comedy shows. Lots of laughter is to be seen also this fall with The Simpsons, The Big Bang Theory and other comedy series.

Domestic realities such as Lainvalvojat and Ylläs - Huipulla tuulee will also fortify ratings and reach after Big Brother has left the building.

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AVA is a channel dedicated to women. AVA is planned for 25-44-year-olds with a special focus on younger women (viewing shares women 70%, men 30%). Its typical programing includes high-quality lifestyle and reality programs.

A Source for Inspiration, Quality Time with Yourself

One year after becoming a nationwide TV channel, AVA continues to grow. Building familiarity and securing good ratings are the main focus points with AVA's program schedule. This is done with popular, well-performing series such as Friends, House and The Real Housewives. High-quality domestic highlight series (Erilaiset äidit, Suomen kaunein koti) are the cornerstones of AVA's programing which are complemented with foreign reality and lifestyle such as The Face and X Factor.

AVA's movie selection is full of films that women love. Sex and the City 2 and Sideways are examples of AVA's movies in Fall 2013.

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