MTV MEDIA spring 2013

Take a look what MTV3, Sub, AVA and Radio Nova have to offer for spring 2013.

MTV3 creates Finland's biggest topics of conversation

MTV3 provides a five-star seat for following entertainment, drama, sports and news. The MTV3 product family is an effective way to comprehensively reach Finnish consumers with lots of purchasing power.

In spring 2013, MTV3 will air new domestic series, which will become hot topics of conversation in the break room (Survivors Finland, KidSing, The Celebrity Apprentice Finland). High-quality international drama shows will provide award-winning suspense (Homeland, pictured) and great emotions (the new Dallas).

The fastest-paced sports contents will be on the MTV3 Total channel package, which offers, among other things, ice hockey, football, Formula One and rally for all of Finland's armchair athletes.

Sub is the best channel for fresh ideas

Sub is the best channel for reaching brand-oriented consumers who are interested in new products and prepared to recommend products and services to others.

Next spring, Sub will air a host of familiar Finnish hit shows like Duudsonit tuli taloon (Dudesons Home Invasion) and Viidakon tähtöset (Queens of the Jungle) as well as new shows such as Rakas sinusta on tullut pullukka (Honey, you're getting fat!) and Suomen surkein kuski (Finland's Worst Driver), which will have viewers on the edge of their seats.

Movies will be shown four times a week, with Finland's biggest television premieres of films scheduled for Mondays. The weekday comedy set of Big Bang Theory, The Simpsons and 2 Broke Girls will be joined by new shows Don't Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23 and Raising Hope.

AVA is created together

AVA's spring is full of fashion, interior decoration and real-life stories as well as quality movies and documentaries. AVA combines a nationwide TV channel and the web with a community consisting of hundreds of thousands of women. These establish a media platform that is co-created between the viewers, AVA and advertisers.

Next spring, AVA will focus on creating new things (Kotia kohti), emotional real-life stories (Iholla, Pienet potilaat), high-quality films (Mamma Mia!, Kieslowski trilogy) and documentaries.

Radio Nova – we make your day better

Radio Nova provides the best mix of entertainment, music and topics of conversation as well as a range of viewpoints on current news and phenomena.

Radio Nova's music content is diverse, topical and fresh with a wide variety of musical styles represented.

Radio Nova is full of life!

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