MTV's spring 2018 will be a triumph of Finnish entertainment

MTV continues to invest in quality Finnish programmes. This spring, MTV will broadcast the most talked about TV shows, the best-loved favourites and new rising stars! Check out the spring programmes and contact us for versatile partnership opportunities.


January, MTV3

The funny catchphrases will be back! Putous, the phenomenal sketch show for the whole family, has kept Finns entertained on Saturday nights for eight seasons. Viewers can enjoy the popular show live as it returns with host Roope Salminen accompanied by actors Pilvi Hämäläinen, Kiti Kokkonen, Timo Lavikainen, Ernest Lawson, Mikko Penttilä, Pihla Penttinen and Alina Tomnikov.

X Factor Finland & Xtra Factor

February, MTV3 & Sub

X Factor Finland will take over MTV3 in spring 2018! One of the most widely broadcast and most popular TV formats in the world, it will also make an appearance on Sub as Xtra Factor is launched together with X Factor.

The judges will be Finland's favourite rapper Mikael Gabriel, popstar Saara Aalto, whose claim to fame was coming second in last year's show in the UK, rock legend Michael Monroe from the band Hanoi Rocks and popular Finnish singer Suvi Teräsniska.

X Factor Finland will be hosted by Viivi Pumpanen and Ilkka Uusivuori. Xtra Factor will feature Matti Roth from the @blokess comedy group, who will introduce viewers to previously unseen footage of locations and other scenes.


Spring, MTV3

The mother, father, grandmother and uncle of all music shows will return to the screen – KINGI will be back! Kingi is a musical comedy show where seven fictional contestants are in the final stage of a singing contest, not unlike Idols, Voice, Talent or X-Factor. The programme will be hosted by Finnish comedian Jaakko Saariluoma and the actresses are Kalle Lamberg, Anna-Maija Tuokko, Linda Wiklund, Jarkko Niemi, Pirjo Heikkilä, Severi Saarinen and Mika Eirtovaara.


Spring, MTV3

Versus, the game show that's hugely popular in Denmark, is now coming to Finland! The epic duels will be here – who can guess the right answer? The idea of the show is simple: the competitors must guess which one will win the duel, A versus B.

The show will be hosted by Mikko Leppilampi and commentated on by Antero Mertaranta.


January, MTV3

The four-member team of the interior design show Kotoisa will take on someone's home in every episode. They will solve any problems and find solutions, and the results of the makeovers are sure to be stunning and surprising. Regardless of the site, the result is always homely, as the Finnish name suggests.

Yökylässä Maria Veitola

January, MTV3

Maria Veitola will pack her pyjamas again to stay overnight at the homes of some well-known Finns.

During her stay, Maria will say grace at dinner at Päivi Räsänen's home, go partying with Alma's entourage in Italy and talk about dying with Danny. Toni and Jannika Wirtanen are in the middle of normal family life with children, Mette and Mikael Forssell talk about the importance of faith, a discussion takes place with Reino and Maria Nordin about the new phase in their lives while Hannele Lauri will talk about her career, men and her love life.

Kenen kotona?

Spring, MTV3

Kenen kotona? (Whose house is it?) is a competitive lifestyle programme that is extremely popular in a number of countries. Four people, who don't know each other, visit each other's homes without knowing who the house belongs to. Participants then try to guess the unknown inhabitant of each house. The ten-part series will be hosted by the wonderful Tuija Pehkonen.

Enbuske, Veitola & Salminen

Spring, MTV3

Enbuske, Veitola & Salminen will return to MTV3 with its fifth season! Talk show hosts Tuomas Enbuske, Maria Veitola and Roope Salminen invite the most controversial and talked about guests to the show. This show asks all the questions that nobody else dares to ask.

Stadi vs Lande

February, MTV3

Stadi vs Lande is an entertaining quiz show where people from Helsinki compete with people from the countryside to answer questions about each other’s locations. This show is great entertainment for the whole family, and knowledge and a sense of humour will help.

The second season will be hosted by Kalle Lamberg and Jaakko Saariluoma.

Kaappaus keittiössä

February, MTV3

The fourth season of Kaappaus keittiössä (Kitchen hijack) promises to surprise viewers with the contents of the refrigerators and the poor eating habits of the participants, who include a large family, roommates, a Finnish Bikini Fitness champion and an MP's aide who lives alone. They all desperately need someone to help them. The kitchens will be hijacked by the charming chef Kari Aihinen.

Vedetään hatusta

Spring, MTV3

Vedetään hatusta (Pull it out of your hat) will return after five years! Actors are asked to do fun tasks, which make – or don't make – any sense. The programme includes improvised sketches, tasks devised by the audience, and songs that have never been heard before –and will never be heard again. The show has no concept or script, but there is a judge, whose judgments don't really matter. The show will be hosted by Jenni Pääskysaari, and regular performers will include Roope Salminen, Sara-Maria Heinonen and Ernest Lawson.

Pitääkö olla huolissaan

February, MTV3

Pitääkö olla huolissaan (Should we be worried?) is a popular talk show where panellists Jenni Pääskysaari, Kari Hotakainen, Tuomas Kyrö and Miika Nousiainen discuss whether they should be worried. The show helps viewers with their problems, and its target group is a couple from Loimaa, who are still, we hope, talking to each other.

Suomen surkein kuski

February, MTV3

MTV3's long-time favourite Suomen surkein kuski (Finland’s worst driver) will return to the screens! The fifth season will follow ten of the country's worst drivers, who will be given tasks that require nerves of steel. On the basis of their performances, the best drivers are dropped from the show one by one. The show will be hosted by Eero Ettala, while Jussi Pohjonen, Sari Nuolikoski and Tuomo Nikkola will judge the performances.

Salatut elämät

January, MTV3 The most popular and longest running daily drama series in Finland, Salatut elämät (Secret lives) will return from the Christmas break in January. It will reach a respectable 19 years of broadcasting.

All the Pihlajakadun tuhmat tädit episodes are available on MTV Katsomo. The third season of the online series will be released on 23 November.


23 November C More streaming service

Spring, MTV3

Sweden's best-loved drama comedy series Solsidan now has a Finnish version! Antti (Eero Ritala), a dentist, and his pregnant actress partner Saara (Elena Leeve) move to Antti's childhood home in Porvoo to finally settle down. Antti thinks that living in a detached house would allow them to lead an independent and happy family life, but what does he know? The cast include Pekka Strang, Anna-Maija Tuokko, Santtu Karvonen and Pirjo Heikkilä.


Spring, MTV3

C More's original series Aallonmurtaja (The breakwater) will also air on MTV3. The Finnish take on the Nordic Noir, directed by Mika Kurvinen and written by Miira Karhula, is not only a crime drama but also a love story between extraordinary people.

Samassa liemessä

January, AVA

Foodies Meri-Tuuli Väntsi and Pipsa Hurmerinta are happy to take on everyday food challenges, turning problem ingredients into delicious culinary delights. In addition to their recipes, Pipsa and Meri-Tuuli provide viewers with tricks and tips for home cooking. The settings and meals are spectacular, and the atmosphere is always relaxed.

Kaunis elämä

February, AVA

Eight of the most beautiful women in Finland. Eight memorable moments of being crowned. Eight different life stories.

Lenita Airisto, Riitta Väisänen, Heidi Sohlberg, Tarja Smura, Lotta Näkyvä, Karita Tykkä, Pia Lamberg and Lola Odusoga were all crowned Miss Finland in their day. In this show they spend eight unforgettable days together, opening their hearts to each other.


Spring, AVA

Siskot (Sisters), the first television production by Paola and Pirjo Suhonen, is a series about the relationship between sisters. The series will follow ten pairs of sisters and looks into how the relationship between the sisters has changed over the years and what it really means to each pair. Participants, who will talk about their relationship with their sisters, include Meeri Koutaniemi, Jippu, Diandra, Ninja Sarasalo and Nanna Karalahti.

Suomen paras palomies

Spring, Sub

Suomen paras palomies (Finland's best firefighter) is a new, fast and exciting competition and reality show that tests the fitness, stamina and skills of ten Finnish firefighters. When not competing with each other, the participants form friendships, laughter and share touching and fun experiences from their lives and careers. The show will be hosted by Joanna Kuvaja.


January, Sub

More than 82 million train journeys are made on Finnish railways every year. We travel to work, holidays, hobbies, festivals and to meet our loved ones. Sub's new Radalla (On the track) series looks into the everyday operations of the railways and shows how passenger trains travel all over Finland in all seasons and under all circumstances.


Spring, MTV3

Perttu Sirviö, the winner of Big Brother Finland in 2005, takes his team of renovation specialists to homes to sort out projects that have been left unfinished.

The stories in the show demonstrate in a touching way how a renovated home can improve families' standard of living and help them to build their future.


Spring, Sub

Akseli "the Burgerman" Herlevi has decided to explore the meaning of life – and the hamburger. His mission is to find the best burger in the world. Things get serious as the Burgerman travels across North America with one thing on his mind: the perfect hamburger!

Ina <3 porno

February, Sub

Sub's new series, Ina <3 PORNO, is an entertaining documentary. Ina Mikkola is a young, smart and brave reporter, who will travel around the world to see where porn comes from, what kind of porn is produced, by whom and why.

All of MTV's well-loved series are available on MTV Katsomo

All of MTV's top series this spring will also be available on Katsomo, the service that has broken all records this autumn!

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