The MTV channels will offer unique experiences for autumn 2014 on tv, online and radio.

The Finns spend almost one hour in a day with MTV. Let us know about your business goals and target groups, and we'll tailor a package of online, radio and television to reach your Finnish target group the best way.

Take a look, what MTV's channels offer for the autumn 2014. (The video is in Finnish, we're sorry about that...)

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MTV3 offers Finnish drama and entertainment

MTV3 is Finland's most-watched commercial channel and this enables you to effectively reach out to Finns with high spending power either nationally or regionally. MTV3 is planned for 25-54-year-olds and families. MTV3's typical programing includes entertainment and drama, news and other domestic programing.

The brightest stars light up the sky on MTV3 during the dark nights of autumn, when Strictly Come Dancing starts up for its ninth season. Ten couples will surrender to the magic of dance in live broadcasts.

MTV3's new 10-part domestic comedy series Brändärit (Branders) is all about creative work and its management.

New domestic travelling series Aku ja 7 ihmettä (Aku and the 7 Wonders) follows Finnish actor Aku Hirviniemi to the seven wonders of the world. MTV3's beloved news anchor Peter Nyman introduces the audience to the Spanish way of life. World travels continue in the company of Finnish top chef Hans Välimäki as the second season of his show Hansin matkassa (Chef Around the World) will transport viewers to the homes of ten different Finns around the world.

Sub - Entertainment, Laughs & Quality Movies

Sub is involving, surprising and connecting. It is planned for 15-44-year-olds and social media heavy users (viewing shares: women 50%, men 50%). Movies, Hollywood series and profiling domestic programing are typical programing for Sub.

Keep Twitter and Facebook in arm's reach – the tenth season of Big Brother will air on Sub. The show's main prize, €100,000, is the largest ever in the history of Finnish reality TV.

Sub's new mystic drama series Extant is produced by Steven Spielberg with a huge budget and stars Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry.

Sub will air at least two movies each week during the early part of the autumn season. As the nights grow darker, viewers can look forward to, among other things, the following X-Men stories: X-Men 2, X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

In late autumn, Sub will show movies at prime time four times a week.

AVA is a Source for Inspiration

AVA is a tv channel dedicated to women. AVA is planned for 25-44-year-olds with a special focus on younger women (viewing shares women 65 %, men 35 %). Its typical programing includes high-quality lifestyle and reality programs.

AVA will air two touching reality shows from Finland. After two successful seasons featuring women, Iholla (On the Skin) will now let the men speak. Five Finnish men will share their lives, joys and sorrows with the audience.

Kaikkien aikojen kosinta (The Greatest Proposal Ever) is an emotional reality show, where the person about to propose recounts the couple's story and is helped to make the world's most touching, elegant, memorable and moving proposal.

A new comedy series called Welcome to Sweden! starts on AVA in November. The show has been a huge hit in Sweden and focuses on Bruce (Greg Poehler), an accountant to the stars, who falls in love with a Swedish girl and moves from New York to Stockholm to pursue her.

Get cosy and snuggle up on your sofa to enjoy movie treats such as 500 Days of Summer, Bridges of Madison County, Before Sunset and the impressive Black Swan. Brad Pitt's followers are in for a real treat in November, with no less than four movies starring the heartthrob on the schedule: Interview with the Vampire, Meet Joe Black, The Mexican and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Radio Nova is Full of Life

Radio Nova joins the everyday life of its listeners bright and early in the morning. The popular morning hosts Tuomas Enbuske and Aki Linnanahde entertain early birds on Enbuske & Linnanahde Crew, in the midmorning, the girls in Konttori, Annika Metsäketo and Sari Seppälä take the lead and the afternoon goes smoothly with Elina Viitanen and Ile Jokinen.

MTV Sport offers Champions Hockey League

A new European top league, the Champions Hockey League, starts on MTV's channels in August.

A strong selection of year-round sports programming is gathered under the MTV Sport umbrella and, in addition to the Champions Hockey League, covers a host of other sports in the autumn.

Viewers can look forward to exciting programming featuring the likes of Formula One, the Finnish national ice hockey team, UEFA Champions League, Barclays Premier League, ATP tennis and UFC fights.

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