Spring 2017 is a time for celebration on MTV

The MTV's 60th anniversary means that you will see a wide range of viewers' favourites and completely new formats on the MTV channels and on MTV Katsomo. MTV will focus even more on Finnish entertainment, big TV shows as well as news and current affairs programming. Have a look at what we offer this spring and get in touch with us for collaboration opportunities. 

MTV3, the commercial channel with the best reach

MTV3 is the commercial channel that reaches the widest audiences and those with most purchasing power. MTV3 offers a steady flow of programmes for the entire week*, and this will be enhanced in the spring by the heavy investment in Finnish productions.

Viewers' favourites return to the screen

Great dance performances are guaranteed this spring as the tenth series of Tanssii Tähtien Kanssa ("Strictly Come Dancing") gets underway. The programme will be hosted by Vappu Pimiä and Mikko Leppilampi, and the judges include Kiira Korpi, the internationally successful figure skater.

The super-popular entertainment classic Putous will return to the screen, featuring the familiar blue shirts, fire tests and competitions for characters. The Putous star factory opens in January and it will be hosted by Roope Salminen, who will be accompanied by actors Pilvi Hämäläinen, Ernest Lawson, Kaisa Hela, Timo Lavikainen, Jenni Kokander, Mikko Penttilä and Minka Kuustonen.

The revamped Kokkisota ("Ready Steady Cook!") will return to MTV3. Each episode will feature the host, two chefs and two guests, who bring surprise ingredients for the day's dishes. Let the competition begin - it must all be completed in 20 minutes. The lovely hostess Sikke Sumari will return to the screen along with Kokkisota. The chefs are Serko Rantanen, Pipsa Hurmerinta, Antto Melasniemi, Teemu Laurell, Tommi Tuominen and Kari Aihinen.


To mark MTV's 60 years' celebrations, we will bring you back one of the best-loved Finnish programmes of all times: BumtsiBum has renewed itself and is hosted by the musician and actor Kalle Lindroth. The musical show gets swinging with top pianists Heikki Puhakainen and Lasse Piirainen.

Domestic programmes every evening!

The Venla awarded Yökylässä Maria Veitola ("Sleepover with Maria Veitola") will make a return to follow the everyday lives and thoughts of well-known people as Maria stays overnight at their homes. The programme gives an in-depth and authentic picture of the celebrities as you see them with their bed heads at the breakfast table and sometimes even getting a little emotional. The season's celebrities that Maria visits include Cheek, Jani Toivola, Sara Forsberg, Matti Nykänen, Sirpa Selänne and Ville Galle.


The singer and frontman of The Rasmus, Lauri Ylönen, is planning to develop a new Finnish export success: the most eco-friendly, economical and smartest design houses on the market. In the new Laurin talot ("Lauri's Houses") series, Lauri will design houses for the rap artist Elastinen, the Duudsons' Jarppi Leppälä and the man with many hats, Aleksi Valavuori. This series is accompanied by an online series, to be broadcast only on MTV Katsomo, that follows how Lauri's own house is being built.


Stadi vs. Lande ("The City vs. Countryside") is a new all-family gameshow hosted by Jaakko Saariluoma and Kalle Lamberg. Finland is divided into two teams, city-dwellers and country folk, who engage in funny games to see who rules the country. 


Henkka Hyppönen and Kalle Lamberg host a new series for the whole family, Olipa kerran elämä which will explore questions and phenomena that mesmerise people. 

Pitääkö olla huolissaan? ("Do we have something to worry about?") will continue to discuss people's concerns in spring 2017. The Finnish novelists Kari Hotakainen, Miika Nousiainen, Tuomas Kyrö - and a weekly guests - will discuss is people should be worried about things in the talkshow hosted by Jenni Pääskysaari. The guests in this new series include Jorma Uotinen, Li Andersson and Jonas Nordman.

Enbuske, Veitola and Salminen continue their talkshow series where a spade is called a spade. Their guests will include people in entertainment and politics that everyone's talking about, not forgetting musical guests. 


They are back - this time on snow and ice! Suomen surkein kuski ("The Finland's worst driver") will take 12 of Finland's worst drivers to test their skills in various conditions. Juuso Mäkilähde will continue as the host, and the familiar faces, Sari Nuolikoski, Tuomo Nikkola and Jussi Pohjonen are the judges.

Suomen kaunein koti ("The most beautiful home in Finland") has been to most popular interiors programme ever shown in Finland. Each episode features three families who show the viewers around their home and explain why their home is the most beautiful of them all. The judges are Hanna Sumari, Aleksi Niemeläinen and Milla Alftan.

New current affairs programmes

In 2016, MTV3's news and current affairs programmes reached an average of around 1.3 million viewers every day, sometimes even two million.

The weekly reach was an average of over 2.8 million. The news programmes, Seitsemän Uutiset ("Seven o'clock News") and Kymmenen Uutiset ("Ten o'clock News"), have an average of around 0.5 million viewers per programme.** In autumn, MTV announced that it will continue the contract on outsourcing its news and current affairs programmes.

MTV3 will take a deep look into current affairs and debate-inducing people with its three new programmes, to be broadcast after the news at ten. The current affairs programmes Peter Nyman, Rikospaikka ("The Crime Scene") and Urheilu-uutiset ("MTV Sports News") will be shown from 31 January.

The revamped Huomenta Suomi ("Good morning Finland") morning show will fill viewers' mornings from the Helsinki city centre from 9 January. The energetic morning team will make sure that viewers know the latest news and have a great start for their day on weekdays from 06:25 to 09:05. 

The Huomenta Suomi team will be strengthened with three new hosts as Joanna Kuvaja, Ivan Puopolo and Juhani Henriksson join the team. In addition to the new hosts, the familiar MTV3 faces of Nina Rahkola, Kirsi Alm-Siira, Mervi Kallio and Jesse Kamras will continue on the show. 

Finns' favourite sports are shown on MTV

MTV will broadcast the best-loved sports and the biggest events this spring.

The Ice Hockey World Championships will take place on 5-21 May. As usual, MTV will broadcast all games live.

Last year, the World Championships reached almost 4.5 million people on the MTV television channels, and the average number of viewers for Finland's games was almost 1.6 million. On Katsomo, video clips of the championships were started around 1.8 times.*** 

MTV has been part of the Formula 1 scene since 1987, and there's no sign of the channel slowing down. Kimi Räikkönen and Valtteri Bottas will be the drivers whose success we'll also follow on the MTV channels in 2017. Testing is set to start in February, and the season consisting of 21 Grand Prix will begin in March.

MTV's F1 programmes reach around 1,250,000 Finns every race weekend.**** 


Sub saves your weeknights

Sub, the third most popular commercial TV channel in Finland, keeps you happy and entertained on weeknights.

You can sit back and take it easy with Sub; the channel offers a wide range of comedy, entertainment, relationships, action, thrillers, passion, creative madness, courageous adventures and real-life stories. 

The channel's target group is 15-44-year-old viewers, and its content is viewed not only on TV but extensively also on digital channels such as MTV Katsomo and various social media services.*****

The Social Sub is a natural choice when you want to bring committed and active social media audiences together with commercial partners. The channel hosts Kristoffer and Akira together with advertisers offer new creative collaboration opportunities - contact MTV for more information!  

Sub's Finnish top choices this spring

 Could it be possible to find the perfect partner by meeting the in-laws-to-be first? Three single people leave their love lives at the hands of their parents in Sub's new Finnish series Treffaa mun vanhemmat ("Meet the parents"). The series is hosted by Finnish stand up comedian and host Ali Jahangiri.

Riisuttu ("Life Stripped Bare") is a reality show that takes the trendy KonMari method to the extremes. The series shows what life is like when you don't have any possessions at all. While carrying out the test, the participants can discuss what possessions mean to them; what things they could not live without and what would they not miss at all?

The original idea for the programme is based on a test carried out by Petri Luukkainen and his documentary film My Stuff, which in turn was the basis for the show Life Stripped Bare, which has already been produced and sold to Denmark (two series), Sweden, the USA, the UK, Spain and Germany. In Sweden, the series is one of the most popular shows in SVT Play.

Sub will also broadcast new Finnish documentaries for the first time. One of them is Favela Funk Finlândia, which follows Finnish artists Joonas SaartamoGraciasPaleface and Flam as they participate in a cultural exchange programme hosted by the hiphop legend Marcelo Yuka in Rio de Janeiro. 

Sub will celebrate MTV's 60th anniversary with the legendary classic Gladiaattorit ("The Gladiators") from the 90's. Directed by Renny Harlin, this fast show features gladiators competing in various events. The show is presented by Katarina Ebeling and J-P Palo


Comedy all evening long

Sub's spring evenings will allow viewers to binge on comedies; the new series featuring the Friends star Matt LeBlanc,Man with a plan (Faija hoitaa in Finnish) as well as new series of old comedy favourites, including the third series of The Odd Couple (Poikamiesboksi in Finnish), the sixth series of New Girl (Kolme miestä ja tyttö in Finnish), the 28th series of the Simpsons and the tenth series of The Big Bang Theory (Rillit huurussa).  


AVA's spring programming is built on thematic months

AVA is the channel that focuses on women as its target group, and its viewing numbers are on the rise.

AVA's viewers want inspiring contents, and the channel is a source of ideas and insight. 82% of the target group with a positive attitude to consumerism and shopping use social media every day. ******

Spring 2017 on AVA is divided into thematic months, which also offer opportunities for commercial collaboration.

In January AVA wants to make viewers feel better and energised, and the theme is wellbeing, fitness and health, and theme series include From Fit to Fat to FitSweat Inc and Revenge Body With Khloe.  

On February Vuosia nuoremmaksi ("Years Younger") returns to the screen with new episodes. Anne Kukkohovi leads the team (Teri Niitti, Piatu Puhakka and Piia Hiltunen) in search of that lost sparkle - and they will revive it!

February on AVA is also dedicated to international crime drama and thrillers; the new series include the Swedish Naarasleijona (Gåsmamman in Swedish), the American The Doubt and new episodes of Madam Secretary.  

March's theme is love, passion, relationship and friends. Suomen ihanimmat häät ("The Finland's Loveliest Weddings") will be revamped, and an independent panel will decide which wedding is the most wonderful. Tuija Pehkonen presents the show that features the love stories of ten couples and their preparations for the big day. The preparations and the event itself are commented in the studio by a quick-witted panel consisting of the fitness professional Eevi Teittinen, fashion designer Teemu Muurimäki, doctor and writer Emilia Vuorisalmi as well as blogger Sami Minkkinen. 

April will see the return of the well-loved Iholla ("On the skin") series. The new series will feature well-known Finnish women for example Finnish rapper Sini Sabotage and singer Erika Vikman

AVA will also allow viewers to cook, bake and learn about food in April. Long-time favourites Tina NordströmManuela KjelensNigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver will share their best recipes with our viewers. 

May is the month for home improvement. There will be inspirational programmes on building, design and interior design, including Who lives here, Hundred grand houses and series focusing on Scandi-style designs.   

AVA's June will be featuring fashion and leisure, and the programmes will include the new episodes of the Project Runway series. 

For more information about partnering with us and the solutions we offer, please contact our sales team

MTV Katsomo enhances your campaign's reach

All MTV spring programmes will be available on MTV's on-demand service MTV Katsomo - anytime, anywhere.

MTV Katsomo's reach and viewing numbers have increased over the autumn. Online-tv-advertising is effective, and Katsomo is proven to improve TV campaigns among viewers aged under 45. Katsomo viewers are very engaged: 96% of ads are viewed until the end (Source; Ooyala Pulse, October 2016). Katsomo users mainly have a positive attitude to advertising, and 44% of them buy something online every month. *******

* Source: Source: Finnpanel TV Audience Measurement, weeks 1-39/2016, reach 1 min / Finnpanel TV Audience Measurement

**Source: Finnpanel TV Audience Measurement 1/1-16/10/2016, 4+ years old, incl. news, Huomenta Suomi and Studio55, weather and MTV Sport Uutiset, prime time = 18-23:30; and Kantar TNS Finland's weekly statistics for weeks 1-39/2016

***Source: Finnpanel Oy, TV Audience Measurement Reach = at least 3 consecutive minutes of viewing / ComScore Dax

****Source: Finnpanel Oy, TV Audience Measurement, AdEdge. Reach = at least 3 consecutive minutes of viewing

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******* Source: Finnpanel Oy, TV Audience Measurement January-June 2016 / TNS Atlas, January-June 2016, n=6,762 (watches the channel every week)

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