Tell your brand's story during MTV's autumn season 2015

MTV's autumn will fill television, the web and social media with intriguing stories. MTV enables you to reach both the Finnish masses and specific target groups. Tell the story of your brand on MTV's channels next autumn – check out the programme selection of autumn 2015 and watch the showcase!

MTV3 offers a vantage point to Finnish drama and entertainment

Finland's most-watched commercial channel MTV3 provides you with effective access to high-purchasing-power Finns either nationwide or targeting 17 local coverage areas. Check out next autumn's shows!

Top entertainment

The massively popular Putous is back! The show's seventh season will be hosted by Heikki Paasonen – participating actors to be announced later.

Antti Holma hosts a new comedic talk show, the Antti Holma Show, where regular and visiting guests get to set things straight. The Antti Holma Show offers a fresh take on talk entertainment that doesn't take itself too seriously.

Last autumn's hilarious live entertainment show Posse is returning to the small screen! Posse takes familiar faces into their discomfort zone, surprising its guests and the audience at home equally.

Voitolla yöhön (I can do that) is an impressive stage entertainment show that challenges eight celebrities to learn new skills and make breathtaking performances each week.

The Venla-winning drama series Roba spurred a lot of talk about the work of Finnish police officers during its first season. The show's fresh episodes look at how officers cope with the pressures of work and the increasingly brutal criminal world. The cast includes stars like Aku Hirviniemi, Leena Pöysti, Riku Nieminen and Mari Perankoski.

At home and in the kitchen

The documentary entertainment show Yökylässä Maria Veitola (Sleep over) visits the homes of ten well-known Finns. Each visit lasts two days and one night. The show's presenter talks with her hosts during their daily chores and the dark hours of night, providing a glimpse into the everyday life, thoughts and values of these familiar faces.

Vappu Pimiä and maestro chef Kari Aihinen host a new piping-hot kitchen clash called Kädettömät kokit (Clueless Cooks), in which two teams compete over who can best prepare a dish ordered by a celebrity. Pimiä and Aihinen won't be grabbing a spatula themselves, as their time is spent providing instructions for the enthusiastic amateur chefs manning the kitchen.


Sub heading for an autumn renewal

Finland's third-most popular commercial TV channel Sub will become even more social next autumn. Dedicated voices will be introduced to serve as Sub's prime time hosts on both the channel and in social media.

Blockbuster movies and other fun will create topics of conversation in Sub's autumn. Check out the autumn shows!

Four movies each week

Sub is the number-one channel for movie lovers. Next autumn's premieres include hits like X-Men: First Class, Arthur, Prometheus and This Means War, which stars Reese Witherspoon.

New shows that will talked about

Do the young have a life beyond their tablets and phones? Are they our future or just a bunch of no-goods?

The new Finnish show Ikuisesti nuori (Forever Young) looks at five 20-25-year-olds, who live together in a large holiday villa for two weeks, where they are joined by five active seniors. We'll see if these two groups can learn anything about each other by living together and engaging in shared activities.

ZOO (2015–) is a new drama series in Sub's autumn season. Its US premiere is scheduled to air near the end of June. The show is based on James Patterson's eponymous best-selling novel.  

New seasons of familiar shows like Extant and Vikings are also in store. TheSimpsons and The Big Bang Theory will give you reason to laugh on weekday evenings.


Inspiring AVA

AVA continues to grow. It already reaches 2.3 million Finns each week and 70% of the channel's viewership comes from female target groups. (Source: Finnpanel Oy, January-April 2015). Check out next autumn's programming!

A second season of the hugely popular show Ensitreffit alttarilla (First Date at the Altar) will be aired on AVA next autumn. Six gutsy singles will once again depart on a quest to find true love by saying I do on their first date.

 AVA will also be showing each and every episode of Sex and the City as well as new episodes of shows like The Real Housewives of Orange County and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

A second season of the popular comedy Welcome to Sweden will be aired, and more episodes of the sitcom Modern Family are also on the schedule. Other foreign shows set to continue next autumn are Borgen, Keeping up with theKardashians and Grand Designs. A new addition is Storm of Love, which is moving from Sub to AVA.


MTV Sport for sports lovers

MTV Sport's diverse offering of sports continues throughout the year, but next autumn's best entertainment will surely come from the English Premiere League and the Champions Hockey League.

A new Nova

A renewed radio broadcaster Nova continues to strengthen its profile as a provider of high-quality content by broadcasting powerful special interest shows and focusing on strong personalities.

The talk-oriented Seitsemän oikein  (Seven out of Seven) is growing and developing, and content that leans on drama, documentaries and comedy will be aired alongside the show.

The experimental provision of more and increasingly diverse music will continue in the autumn, and this emphasis will be underlined by adding new specialised music shows to the programme selection.

Nova's net-only and pod-only digital contents, which the Finnish nation can consume at their convenience, will also commence in the autumn.

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