X Factor Finland to be launched on MTV3

Last winter, Finland held its breath as the brilliant Finnish singer Saara Aalto competed in the X Factor UK final in front of millions of viewers. The biggest entertainment show is now coming to Finland! X Factor Finland will be shown on MTV3 in spring 2018.

X Factor is one of the most widespread and popular TV formats in the world. The X Factor UK finals last winter were among the most watched entertainment shows in 2016. X Factor is a unique show in which contestants may be young or more experienced, and solo artistes or bands.

X Factor has been the launch pad for numerous megastars, including Leona Lewis and One Direction. Big stars such as Gary Barlow and Britney Spears have appeared as judges on the show. Presently, the British version features Simon Cowell and Nicole Scherzinger.

X Factor Finland’s judging panel will consist of the brightest stars of the country’s music industry: Saara Aalto, who is now known worldwide, the rock legend Michael Monroe, the star of Finn pop Suvi Teräsniska and Finland’s fave rapper Mikael Gabriel. The judges will also coach the contestants on their journey to stardom.

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