Russian president on Finnish police's top secret black list

Finnish police has registered Russian president Vladimir Putin on its top secret black list.

Putin is not suspected of any crimes in Finland, but his name has been recently stored on the police's professional criminal registry, MTV3 45 minutes newsprogram has learned from its sources.

Police later stated that Putin's name was on the list incorrectly. According to the police all information regarding Putin has been removed.

According to the MTV3 sources Putins name was registered to the list because of his contacts to a Russian biker gang Night Wolves. Putin is suspected to contribute to the activity of a criminal organization.

This register is considered top secret and only tens of specially trained policemen around the country have access to it. According to law person can be added to the list if they are suspected of crimes or thought to commit a crime in the future and the punishment of this crime is a prison sentence.



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